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St.Louis Web Design Company

I want to advertise with Google, can you help us set that up?

There are 2 ways to be “found” on Google. First and the most important are in the organic search results. This is the main list of search results that you will find listed from top to bottom that take up the majority of the page from left to right. The only way to get here is setting the website up properly and taking the right steps to market the website.

If you look at the very top of a google search result page, you will often find a few listings in the #1, 2 or 3 position that the words “Sponsored Links” out to the right of them. Then looking down the right column of the page, you will find small 4-5 line “ads” that have brief descriptions. See the image below:

These ads can be setup and managed by us ( "us" means including the business owner) We set the monthly budget to whatever you are wanting to pay. We choose the keywords and when those ads will run. The ranking of the ads are set on a bid process. Basically whoever wants to pay the most to be in the #1 position wins.

There are no long term contracts, we can start/stop the campaign at anytime and the budget can be as flexible as you want/need it to be. You only pay for the traffic that comes to your site. What other form of advertising does that???



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St.Louis Web Design Company
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