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I want to be able to track all of my web traffic, how can we do that?

Great… You've got a new pretty website and now you want the world to come visit and buy lots of things. However, wouldn't it help if you knew how people were finding your site? Or how many people visited the site after you ran a large ad in the local newspaper? Or, if you knew the most visited page within your site to make sure that you had all of the content that they were looking for?

We use a free program from Google called Google Analytics. This is a tool which allows you to see where and how traffic comes to your website. For instance, when Google Analytics is added to your website, you can login to your account to view and learn a huge amount of information about your website, such as referring traffic and keywords searched to land on your site.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for monitoring all aspects of your websites traffic, from referrals tosearch engine activity.1 Like any application designed to do so much, Google Analytics comes with a rather steep learning curve, which can be intimidating at first. However, by familiarizing yourself with the program, using the tool can become second nature.


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St.Louis Web Design Company
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