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St.Louis Web Design Company

Search Engine Optimization Company in St. Louis

In the world of websites, there are two terms that you will hear.

Web Design
Search Engine Optimization

Web design is exactly what the term implies. You have someone put a website together that you like the looks and feel off. You typically find some information about the company, maybe some photos and some contact information. The colors are pretty it may have some nice music playing and all is well right?????

But why can't my pretty little site be found by someone when they search for me?

See here are the facts of how search engines work. When someone goes to Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine they are going to type in a search phrase for what they are looking for. At that point, the search engine sends out what are referred to as "Spiders" (That is how it got the name "Web") looking for that specific search phrase.

Search Engine Optimization is a formula of MANY things that make your site show up in the tops of the search engines. I will spill the beans and let you know that there is no ONE thing that is the secret to this. It is an ongoing process that has to be done right.

I want you to imagine this: You have paid a professional graphic artist thousands of dollars to design a billboard for you. Most will agree that billboards that are in the right location are seen by thousands upon thousands of people each day. However…you have decided to take this beautiful billboard out to a field in West Texas and turn it facing away from the gravel road you put it next to.

This is exactly where your website is on day #1 of its launch. You are lost in a sea of millions of WebPages. Understand that the search engines are not ran by the fashion police. It is still moderated by human beings that look for certain criteria. Let Show Me Webcenters build a site for you that has both elements. It looks wonderful, but yet is very search engine friendly, easy to navigate and will drive people to your business.

Search Engine Marketing In St. Louis

There is another way, that is much faster...and often much less expensive to drive more quality traffic to your site. This approach is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is working directly with companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, Alta Vista and more with placing your website on the first pages of the search results. You will find these ads along the top and the right hand side of the results pages.

We have many many different clients that have had HUGE results from this type of marketing. And, the best part about it is that you are in complete control to the budget that you want to spend. Many of you probably found our site through this very same process....See, I told you it works :)

One way to promote your website through the search engines is by using respected search engine software companies like the one found here...

The Numa Group

Please call us today to learn about this form of marketing that will drive more quality leads to your site IMMEDIATELY.

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St.Louis Web Design Company
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